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The SO, adorable thing that he is, has a habit of knocking on my office door to share cute cat moments, interesting news, and to see how I'm doing in general. The problem is, half the time he's interupting research or writing time. Much as I love him, he was one reasons I would leave the house to write (back when Borders existed and, after it closed, when it was easy getting a table at the local Starbucks). It's hard to concentrate on my work when someone always dropping by to chat.

Finally, last weekend, I told the SO I needed one of those sliding business signs that I could customize to say "Do Not Disturb" and "Free to Chat." When he realized why I wanted the sign, he dutifully took me around to all the office supply stores looking for such a critter. Unfortunately, we couldn't find it. Being the clever over-engineering-type that he is, he offered me an alternative: a couple of leds outside the door that I can flip to show my status.




He finished it this weekend. The lights only stay on if I have the office light on. The pics are a little blurry, but you get the idea. So happy. Will be even more happy if it actually works.


What office hacks have you done?
Last year, the SO and I started talking about a business convention in Las Vegas. The convention seemed relevant to my writing business, so we made plans, registered, etc. Then somewhere around January, we realized "Hey, we're going to Vegas. We should do that thing that everyone does in Vegas so our parents stop nagging." So we padded our schedule by a day, and I scheduled a small wedding at a Vegas hotel. I planned it it from top to bottom. Made my own dress. Paid for the wedding out of my own pocket.

The only thing the SO did was sign off on the paperwork (it required both of us), buy the rings, and shell out for the license when we got there.

At the pre-event meeting, I met our minister, the wedding coordinator, and the photographer. They asked all sorts of questions, including about the dreaded name change. I informed everyone I was keeping my name. The minister asked if he could still introduce us as Mr & Mrs SO after the event just to keep things simple. Foolish me. I said yes.

Everything went off without a hitch, mostly. There were people getting a private tour of my selected venue even though it was supposed to be closed to visitors at the time I chose. They left, we got married, we got photographed, then wandered off to eat and prepare for the convention.

Two days later, we met Tina at Cashman Photo to go over our pictures and pick out what packages we wanted. As Tina was showing us the various options, she pulled out a little thing called a brag book. The brag book is a booklet of our wedding photos superimposed over backgrounds from our venue. It's actually pretty neat and well put together. But the front of the brag book had "Mr. & Mrs. SO" emblazoned across the front of it and I was slightly unhappy that Tina (who I'd been in contact with for a few weeks before the event) hadn't bothered to ask what names to put on the book. Nevertheless, I bought the brag book, and a bunch of photos, then we went back to our next conference class.

As the day went on, the book began to bother me more and more. I decided to give this one to the SO's parents and order another one with Mr. & Mrs. Tarvin on it to give to my parents. Also, a small part of me wanted to make a point about the name thing to the photography studio. I didn't have time to catch up with Tina in person, so I emailed her.


Could I have another two brag books made up? This time with the name "Mr. & Mrs. Tarvin" on the front?
I'll be here through Saturday, so I'd like to pick them up while I'm here. And we should have photo details before we leave too.

Brandie Tarvin

(She called me back the next day. We talked on the phone. Brag books are only made on the weekends. They won't be ready before I leave. She'll send them with my other photos. A few weeks later, photos and books arrive. Only, the books still say Mr. & Mrs. SO. I'm a little steamed. I check my email to verify I said what I thought I said. Yep. Mr. & Mrs. Tarvin. So I send out a query with my original email embedded and fib just a little about my reasons for asking. Not that it's any of their business. Not that I should have to fib. Why do I have to justify the fact that I want a book with Mr. & Mrs. Tarvin written on the front cover? This is a simple request, right? How could they screw it up?)


I received the photos and brag books in the mail. The books are wrong. They have Mr & Mrs SO on them instead of Mr. and Mrs. Tarvin.
How do I return these and get the correctly labeled ones? He's the one changing his name. I'm not changing mine.

Brandie Tarvin

I'm looking forward to a quick "I'm sorry. We'll get this corrected and send them right out" email. But then this happens:

Hello Ms. Tarvin,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your albums. Tina no longer works for our company, however I will be happy to assist you.

I am showing that your spouse is the  primary on your account with the married name of SO, is this not correct?  We tend to make the books with the “grooms” last name as the married name unless told otherwise.

Please let me know what the correct name for the account is , so we can move forward.


(Emphasis above and below is mine. Please note that she totally ignored the fact that I originally asked for Mr. & Mrs. Tarvin on the additional books request.)


My spouse should not be primary on the account. I never asked for that. Please make the books with the names Mr. and Mrs. Tarvin (my name) as requested.
And the account should be under my name as I am not, and never intended to, changing my name.


Brandie Tarvin


I apologizes for that. Our records always place the groom as primary in our system, despite if the bride is change her name or not.
I will have the new albums made and shipped out , with the correction  made to Mr. and Mrs. Tarvin.


(So, wait. Your computer system insists that no matter what work a woman does, the man will always be in charge? We're in the freaking 21st century and the guy who did nothing but sign paperwork and buy two things gets to take all the credit for all the work I did?

Now I am beyond angry. I'm raging at the walls. She has told me twice that their computer doesn't consider me important because I am a WOMAN. No one ever mentioned this "primary name" fact when I was setting everything up. And no one ever asked me what I wanted on the account. The wedding coordinator never even talked to the SO until the pre-wedding meeting.)

Thank you.

Brandie Tarvin

(This terse email was the best polite response I could muster. She didn't deserve the full-on Brandie Rant. I try not to do that to customer service people, because I used to be a customer service rep. So I sat back for a few hours, then I sent out the below.)

As a follow up, you might want to address this issue. I can't be the first person who's complained about the groom being primary. And if I am, then this should be a wake up call for the people who designed your system. It should be coded to allow for people to choose who is primary on the account. Not automatically assume that the woman is always secondary to the male.

Brandie Tarvin

Yes, I'm still a little steamed. If their computer systems really insist on putting the guy's name as primary on the account, then someone needs to reprogram their system. Especially in light (just a few weeks later) of SCOTUS declaring same-sex marriage the law of the land. How will their system handle two women getting married? Will neither be primary? What about two men? How does it decide then? What about a couple that doesn't identify with binary gender labels? I can't wait to see the system have a nervous breakdown in that case.

Gender equailty has a technology problem. Try as we might to wave the flag of gender parity, we cannot get away from automated systems that, based on their programming, make assumptions about who deserves what title and who gets to be primary on an account. It is too easy for people to blame the system for a choice. Sometimes they don't have the security rights to override what the system does. Sometimes, like in this case, it seems that a little effort would have resolved the issue before it became a problem.

Had Cashman sent me the brag books with the name correction as I'd asked, I'd likely have said nothing about the issue. In fact, it likely would have been some other woman sitting in their studio, raging at them (instead of the walls) when she saw her book without her name on it.

How do we fix this? How can we get people to stop programming systems that only give us binary gender choices? How do we get these systems to recognize "first caller" as primary on these accounts, or to prompt the users at time of entry / meeting with the customer to ASK THE QUESTION?

"Who do you want to be primary on this account?" That's the only question they had to ask, and I would have been happy. Our lives are being dictated by this technology. How do we fix the technology so we can dictate our own gender choices?
I promised a kitten update, so here it is. First allow me to introduce them. The Humane Society called them Dora and Diego (they are getting new names). I currently call them Little Girl (the basement-cat-in-training) and Little Boy.

This is them last week. Little Girl isn't feeling well in this pic.


06/20 - We meet them at the Humane Society. They came in on 06/17, were spayed / neutered on 06/19, yet both seem energetic and happy. Both are attacking the same toy mouse on a string, completely ignoring each other, then wrestling with each other, and generally having fun. Little kid seeing another kitten notices a flea on unrelated cat. (important note) We adopt these two, bring them home, and put them in a separate room with their own litter, food, water, and some of the older girls' toys. The Humane Society has previously treated them for fleas, microchipped them, etc. We get full medical records to take to our vet and instructions not to bath them for 7 to 10 days. Records say Dora weighs 1.6 lbs and Diego weighs 1.9 lbs.

06/21 - 06/23 We try to feed older girls outside the kittens room. They aren't having any of that. They can smell intruder and are NOT happy. We take turns locking up girls and letting kittens get to know the house, then locking kittens back up and letting girls run around. We even crack door of kitten room open. Older girls hiss a bit, etc. The kittens have soft stool. The SO tells me to mention that to the vet.

06/23 - Time to meet the vet! She looks them over, tests their appetite by pulling out cheez whiz and canned cat food. They are voracious (though basement-cat-in-training doesn't like cheese). Both kittens weigh in at 2 lbs. Weight gain! Good going! Vet is pleased with their energy level and appetite, warns me that they are the skinniest, scrawniest, tiniest 8 week old kittens she's ever seen. She shows me her 9 week old by comparison. D & D are more like 6 week old kittens in size, but with 8 week old kitten eyes. Since HS did most of the medical stuff, nothing gets stuck up their butts, but vet would like me to collect fecal samples because of the soft stool. Might be coccidia (a parasite). Cost of visit - $171.53.

06/24 - Something is going on with Little Girl. She is getting very cuddly and not as interested in playing with Little Boy. She nibbles at her food now, eating a lot more slowly than she did. Is she lethargic or is it just my imagination? I saw this behavior when Phantom was in end-stage renal failure, so I'm on high alert now. Little Girl sneezed a lot over the first weekend. SO told me to tell the vet yesterday, but I forgot. I thought she was just a quiet kitten, but when I pick her up, she tries to hiss at me. TRIES. Lots of breath, no sound. Then I see her try to meow. Uh-oh. Icarus had a herpes virus that took most of his ability to vocalize. When I drop off the samples to the vet tomorrow, I should mention all this. Maybe she's got that same virus? Except her eyes are clear and fine. No discharge.

06/25 - Oh, dear. Vet wants to see her. So I bring her in for an "emergency" check an hour after I dropped off the samples. Vet introduces me to the phrase "failure to thrive kitty." Because some cats just don't survive past kittenhood for reasons vets never learn about. In fact, vet says if kitten was with another household, she'd likely be dead by now because most people don't want to spend this kind of money on sickly kittens they just got. Vet says she'll have the fecals checked for additional parasites. If there's a respiratory disease Little Girl caught, we won't know for another several days. So keep a close eye on her. In the meantime, feed kitten 1 tsp of wet food an hour (because kitten stomachs are tiny and she'll eat more in smaller doses than trying to stuff her in two or three sittings). We need to "fatten her up" before the vet feels comfy starting her on any treatments. Cost of visit - $37.58.

06/26 - 06/27 -Little Girl getting more lethargic and feeling more fragile. Little Boy is still bouncing off the walls. Fecals come back clean on coccidia. On 06/28 we see signs that someone is having accidents. Twice in the cat bed, once on our bed as we are going to sleep. SO blames Little Boy for this, even though we aren't sure which kitten. Still, we decide to lock the kittens back up in their own room until they properly learn to use the litter box.

06/28 - In the morning, someone has left a blood stain in the litter box. But neither kitten seems to have an injury. We watch through the day and I see tapeworms left in the litter box (dead). Still don't know who is doing what. Finally I find tiny moving "grains of rice" worm segments on Little Boy's tail. Well, that mystery is solved, but someone just bled on the cat bed. It looks like it could be urine, but I don't smell anything. I leave a message for the vet on her answering machine. Then look up UTI. Google tells us that urinary tract infections can be fatal. So I bite the bullet and take the kittens into the vet's recommended animal hospital. They figure out that Little Girl is pooping blood (she has a little accident in front of them). They also tell me that if she wasn't "shedding" at the time of the last visit, that might be why no one found coccidia. They test the sample and find "multiple flagellate organisms... Possible Giardia seen also." They also do a blood test for anemia. My fears of her lack of vocalization are put to rest as I hear her screaming from the back room. The hospital gives me Metronidazole for both kittens (.06ml by mouth twice daily for 5 days) to resolve these "organisms." They do nothing about the tapeworm. Cost of visit - $134.00 (Kittens are still locked up away from older girls).

06/29 - Vet calls me back. Ask me to bring kittens in that afternoon. Prepares tapeworm shots when she finds out the emergency hospital didn't treat for it. Little Girl weighs 1.5 lbs and Little Boy weighs 2.25 lbs. She's lost half a pound over the past several days. Not good. She's also not eating food so much as licking the gravy off things. Vet is really worried now. But at least Little Girl's still grooming herself. All is not lost if she's still grooming. More fecal samples must be collected (this time for her alone). There is no such thing as "possible giardia. They either saw giardia or they didn't." Vet says to leave out wet food all day. Even if I have to throw leftovers out at the end of the day, we must not let kittens get dehydrated. Kittens are still locked up away from older girls at night, but we put her in the bathroom with a single litterbox and a cat bed so we know we're getting samples from her and her alone. Cost of visit - $184.00

06/30 - I collect parts of three samples. One from the litterbox (left from the night before), one from the accident she had in the cat bed, then the third chunk from a poop she has right after breakfast. If the vet is testing for parasites, and it's possible for coccidia to be shed on and off, then I'll get as much poop in that container as possible from as many different moments as I can. The SO drops sample container off at vet a few hours later.

In the evening, though, Little Girl seems to be eating with more enthusiasm. She's not chowing down like her brother, but she definitely seems to have her appetite back. This is after 4 doses of metroidazole and the tapeworm shot. SO declares this a success and "everything is fixed!" I tell him not so fast. She can easily go downhill the next day after a spurt of energy.

07/01 - Test comes back positive for coccidia. Vet will have medication for this in the evening. In the meantime, keep kittens separated and feed, and keep giving them other meds. Little Girl definitely has more energy, though. She's playing again (not quite vigorously, but playing) and I caught her eating dry food without prompting. YAY! Vet is happy to hear news about eating. Says that one thing wouldn't have caused Little Girl's issues, but if she had three things (tapeworm, coccidia, and stomach parasites), that would explain her dramatic weight loss and other symptoms. We get 3 days worth of meds, premeasured out in syringes, for both kittens. Because of the weight difference, the syringes are separated and marked with who gets what. Cost of meds - $46.00 (approximately. I can't find the receipt for this one).

07/02 - 07/03 - Final doses of medication dealt out. Little Girl is definitely feeling better. She's started chasing the toys and wrestling with her brother, though he outweighs her by quite a bit at this point. The diarrhea has stopped, but the stool is still a little soft. We're going to give it another day before we let them back out with the girls.

07/05 - All litterboxes are emptied, bleached, and refilled with fresh litter. The kittens are allowed out into the world to be with the girls. There is still the occasional "you got in my way, back off" hiss, but cats all seem relatively civil. Wet food treats are helping the girls deal with the intruders a little better.

As of today (07/07) Little Girl has put back a chunk of that weight that she'd lost. She no longer looks quite as scrawny and she's filling out. I wish she'd catch up to her brother faster, but I'm told cats gain weight slowly. Still, I feel like the immediate danger is past and Little Girl is no "Failure to Thrive Cat." Yes, I spent a lot of money on new kittens, but I feel it was worth the effort. Vet is very happy with Little Girl's recovery. We go back in on the 14th for our next vaccine / checkup visit.

Sae hai to kittehs. Little Boy on left, Little Girl on right.

So a while back, I teased a project. In addition to some sewing, I did a little jewelry making. Thought you'd like to see the fruits of my labor.

These earrings and necklace I made for my mom. Similar (but not identical) to a set I purchased at a bead show. I did buy a lot of the same beads. My mom loved this.

Then I made this bracelet:

The problem with this is I left the string a little too loose when I was adding the toggles. But the bracelet fits fairly well anyway. Again, I used some of the same beads, some different beads, and a different design.

The jewelry was initially meant to complement this particular sewing project.

Yeah, the poor excuse for a dressform was listing when I took this shot. The dress looks so much better on a person than it does on the form.

Oh, and here's a glimpse of the train.

So what do you think?
I love this blog post by Kashif N. Chaudhry about how the Prophet Muhammad predicted Daesh. What I really love about this post is this particular bit:

"They would speak beautiful words but commit the most heinous of deeds. They would engage in so much prayer and fasting that the worship of the Muslims would appear insignificant in comparison. They would call people to the Quran but would have nothing to do with it in reality. The Quran would not go beyond their throats, meaning they wouldn't understand its essence at all, merely regurgitating it selectively." (Emphasis his)

That sounds about right to me.

And then there are the notes that EVERY developer should have in her scripts. Because, why not? Some of these are so, so, so very true. Documentation, dude. It's all about the documentation.

Lastly, I'd like to draw your attention to this very very very important news article that everyone is apparently ignoring. This needs to be implemented world-wide. Because, KITTEHS! Yes, folks. You really can rent kittens. You just can't rent mine.


Nope. Not mine.

Kitten update coming later. There's a saga. And I hope it'll get the attention of new pet owners.

When You're Poor... (tags #poverty)

...You pick up every penny off the street, because it might make the difference between paying a bill or buying grocercies. (It's also why you demand your reusable bag discounts from Target / Whole Foods, turn in all your rebates, and count your change while still standing in the checkout lane.)

...You hold off on preventative health care because the copays and deductibles mean not paying a bill or not getting groceries, assuming you even have health insurance. If you don't, you always have the emergency room, which legally can't turn you away.

...You get aggrevated when people around you complain about  being broke, but they always seem to have the latest brand-name sneakers, tech gadget, or collector's item. Or they're always going on trips and eating out.

...You hate feeling shamed by the constant charity requests at work, grocery stores, movie theatres, and even the street corner firemen collection. You give on the rare occasions when you can, but enough is enough already! You need the money too.

...You know to the day how long you can "not pay" a bill before you lose your electriciity / utilities / car, and use that knowledge to play musical chairs with the bills. After all, you're never going to be able to pay all of them in any given month.

...You look forward to getting hand-me-downs from the relatives so the kids have "new" clothes for the coming school year.

...You don't tend to keep a phone line for longer than a few years, or the same phone number / email address for any length of time. Phones, computers, and internet access are luxuries you can't afford for more than a few months at best.

...You consider eating out at a cheap fast food place, or going to the movies, once a year a wildly extravagant expense.

...You pray for a drought so the roof leaks don't get worse. Because you can't afford the house insurance deductible in order to get the darn thing replaced.

Any more you can think of?


I've been thinking about taking the plunge into more college classes because, why not? I believe the day I stop learning things is the day I'm getting embalmed for my funeral. When discussing the subject with the college admissions coordinator, she told me to have a resume (my entire resume, regardless of link) ready.

A lot of people don't know this, but you can actually get college credits for work experience. That's the purpose of this exercise. To see how much college credit my life is worth. I know this because I've previously worked at two colleges. I remember how surprised people were to find out they could count all those years doing the books for their firm as credit against any accounting courses, and things like that.

But still... I haven't written a resume in ten years. And I'm supposed to remember every single job I've ever had?

After an hour of considering, it occurred to me. I do know what my first job is. Here's my stab at the job description.

Senior Domestic Canine Care Coordinator -
Familair with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within the field of domesticated canine care. Ensured the health, comfort, and safety of the canine while participating in the creation and implementation of nutritional supplementation and physical activity. Coordinates activities with Junior Domestic Canine Care Coordinators. Supervises and assists with canine training. Ensures all care coordinators follow standard protocols. Provides maintenance and advice on issues resulting from unexpected canine-related issues. Must be self-starter. Performs a variety of complicated tasks. A certain degree of creativity and latitude is expected. Typically reports to parental supervisor / manager.

Of course, this doesn't go on the resume. I would have to list the duties I performed and such. Yet, I think this description is a good place to start. I should get college credit for this, right?
I can't count the number of times I've read news articles recently claiming there would be a new Civil War in America if gay marriage is upheld / rejected by the Supreme Court of the United States (a.k.a. SCOTUS). Or the chaos if the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) is torn apart by the subsidies issue. Really, the amount of pandering to mass hysteria would be funny if the people writing these articles didn't actually believe half the things they were saying.

I'm not saying there won't be problems. But let's be honest. Expecting the U.S. to descend into chaos, for states to secede, for a whole 'nother intra-national conflict to explode completely misunderstands the history leading up to the U.S. Civil War and the mindsets of the people involved.

For one, our congressional representatives and U.S. senators aren't physically assaulting each other in the middle of a law-making session. Yes, debates are heated. Yes, there have been the stupid bullseye targeting of politicians on websites. Yet despite this rhetoric and general childishness, everything slung has mostly been verbal. While the "defense of marriage" laws do separate the states, we don't have any federal-level laws that are literally dividing the country into two countrys with one border surrounding them. Modern America is much more diverse than during the late 1800s. We have too many people of different political, ethnic, and religious bents for them to agree enough to form two armies and have at it.

Not to mention the technology issue.

Why does that matter?

Because it's kinda hard to get people worked up enough to dissolve into civil war when they're too busy streaming House of Cards or playing Candy Crush. How in heaven's name do the rabble-rousers expect to pull people away from their video games, Facebook rants, and Twitter convos?

Here's my "threat" to those who want to stoke mass hysteria. I have a voter's registration card, and I know how to use it. So neener to you.
New additions to the family courtesy of the local Humane Society. Littermates, about two months old. Boy, do they love to wrestle with each other.

The black one is a girl. The stripey one is a boy. And he's got the cutest little meow. But she's pretty quiet.

Of course Friendly Feral and Cancer Cat (now eldest cat) are not happy with the new additions. They know SOMETHING is behind that door. And they get cranky every time we abandon them to visit with the kittens.


Do You Love Your Job? (tags #employment)

When is work a four-letter word? When I actually refer to it as "work" and not my job.

When I was a kid, my mother taught me never to say four-letter words. You know the ones I'm talking about: the F-bomb, the S-word, etc. Mom was raised as an aspirant to high-society. My grandmother went to (what I believe was) a private boarding school with the daughter of Oscar Mayer (yes, the hot-dog empire Oscar). So mom learned all about how to lay a table, how to throw a party, how to properly eat your dinner (no elbows on the table, left hand on your lap unless you're cutting food), etc. That included being polite and not cursing. So no four-letter words, thank you very much, or there would be heck to pay. I vaguely remember threats of washing mouths with soap, but it never came to pass.

Still, there it was.

Over the years the "four-letter word" mantra has become something of my own personal joke. "Mom taught me never to use four-letter words, so I can't be at work today." (Not that the boss ever buys that. @=) And yet, as I think of it, I've only ever had one job I truly hated. One job where it really was WORK, where I could not stand to come into the office day after day. That job lasted a week. I had to quit. I could literally feel my emotions atrophy, my sanity run screaming as I crossed the threshold, and the frustration and anger building each time I got on the phone.

There were jobs that I didn't like. Most of them when I was an hourly employee. But I never hated them. I knew they were work, but it didn't quite have the same impact as the 1-week event. I worked retail when I was in high school and college, and as the front of the company, got a lot of the complaints and hassles from the irate, hard-to-please customers. Because I still lived with the 'rents, my income was mostly discretionary. No rent, few bills. It was glorious. So when the boss tried to schedule me to work a holiday I didn't agree to, I just told her "no." When the boss tried to call me in early or to work a late shift, I would only work if I got paid. No working off the clock for me. Nosiree. Despite my family being part of the working poor, I had no one to support, so I could afford to quit a job I didn't like and go find another.

This isn't the case with most of the working poor. Especially with those teens who's income is the only (or one of the primary) source(s) of support for their family. The economy being what it is, people don't have job mobility. A lot of times, they don't have transport, especially in big, spread-out cities. I was always within walking distance or could bum a ride from the shared family vehicle (when we had a car).

As I got older, I swore to always charge for my time. So it drives me nuts to see the SO doing hourly consulting work and occasionally not charging those extra few hours for the meetings he gets roped into at the last minute. And yet...

I just spent 10 hours today working on SQL Server installs and data restores down to QA environments. I have a release to do in the middle of the night, probably bringing that total up to 12. During month end, I regularly work full days during the weekend as well as the week to support my internal customers. My weekly hours run between 41 to 50 on a "normal" work week. Once I even worked 60. But I'm exempt. I no longer get to bill for hourly wages.

What the heck am I doing? Apparently I love my job. Being a database administrator is one of the greatest challenges of my life. I get to solve problems. I get to code. I get to make things work, and when I have the bit between my teeth, I just don't want to stop.

"Work" really is a four-letter word. At least it is when you don't love your job. What I'm doing isn't work (except on really bad days). It's a passion. A lot like my writing is, only this one actually pays the bills.

What about your job? Love it? Hate it? Tell me why.

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