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Another SQL Saturday Event

It's that time of year again. This time it's SQL Saturday in Orlando. This coming Saturday, October 17th. And yet again, I have been shanghied into teaching. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy teaching. I just had hoped I'd get a break after my week-long intensive workshop. Alas, it is not to be.


I'm teaching two courses on beginning T-SQL. There are a whole host of other speakers and sessions too. If you're in the area and like anything related to SQL Server, register for the event. The day itself is free, lunch (if you want to get it there) is $10.00. Details can be found at

You can also register that morning if you happen to forget. So, stop on by and listen to us speakers pontificate. We're good at pontificating. @=) We're also pretty good at training.

Hope to see you in Orlando.
Tags: free event, sql saturday, sql server, t-sql
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