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My Act of Whimsy for @jay_lake (tags #fundraising #sfwa #authors)

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It’s finished! Here is my Act of Whimsy for Jay Lake’s Sequence a Science Fiction Author fundraiser. As promised, I have dressed up as Mega from Transformers Masterforce. Unfortunately, I was unable to find my band rifle so you get to hear me sing instead. And you also get to hear our cats commenting on my performance (vocal critics that they are).

Here you go, Jay! Your very own cancer fight song! Lyrics are below the You!Tube video link, if anyone’s interested.

An Act of Whimsy by Brandie Tarvin

Jay Lake get your chemo,
get your chemo,
get your chemo.

Doctors get your kits,
and your needles,
and your needles.

Make your patients proud of you
and to cancer prevention be true.

Over there!
Over there!
Send the word to the cancer to prepare

That the cure is coming.
The cure is coming,
nurses running everywhere.

So prepare.
Say a prayer.
Send the word, send the word to beware.

It’ll be over,
completely over.
And we won’t stop fighting till cancer’s over over there.

Tags: act of whimsy, brandie tarvin, cancer fundraiser, rambling, writing
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