June 14th, 2016

A Call to Action (#guns #PrayForOrlando #guncontrol)

So it's been a while since I've posted. I've been taking some masters classes and busy in general. But after what happened in Orlando, I have to post. I read this article on the Washington Post about Democrats walking out of Congress during a moment of silence, then suddenly decided it was time to write my local representative, Mr. Ander Crenshaw. Here's what I sent him. And if you feel the same way, I urge you to send something similar to your Congressional representative.

Dear Representative Crenshaw,

In the wake of the Orlando mass-shooting event on the weekend of June 12th, I would like to talk to you about gun violence.

The spate of gun violence in this country has reached unimaginable levels in recent years. The advent of machine guns, assault rifles and other firearms with large magazine capacities has given perpetrators of domestic violence, gang violence, and domestic terrorism the ability to kill large numbers of American citizens in short timeframes. The fact that fifty people died this past weekend and fifty-three were wounded before the police had time to respond is unacceptible.

Consider too how you might feel if it had been a Jacksonville venue filled with your constituents: people you represent, people who voted for you. Would you not be angry at how something like this could happen in your district?

As my representative to Congress, it is your responsibility to protect me, my family and friends, and all of your constituients from the biggest health crisis the United States is currently experiencing. Please sponsor or back a bill restricting the sale of guns with large capacity magazines, that includes background checks, requirements for mental health exams, and precludes the sale of guns to criminals and people convincted of domestic violence crimes.

Even though our philosphies regarding health-care, poverty, and equality policies may differ, surely even you can see how dangerous it is to allow just anyone to purchase a gun with which (s)he can kill scores of people in the time it takes someone to dial 911. This is a matter of life and death. Please treat the matter with the seriousness it requires. Please show that you accept the responsibility you assumed when you took your oath of office and protect the people depending on you.

Sponsor a bill for gun control. Our lives depend on it.


Brandie Tarvin