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February 5th, 2013

Originally published at Ramblings from the Flip Side (Site under construction). You can comment here or there.

As much as I love to write, writing alone does not pay the bills. I must also sell books (they apparently do not sell themselves). So I’ve gathered some links of my most recent offerings in one place to make purchasing of said books a wee bit easier.

Available from Brandie Tarvin:

LegendoftheBeemanThumbnailLegend of the Beemen available in Nook, Kindle, and PDF formats for only $.99.

Running from your past never works, especially when it’s hunting you down.

Former yellowjacket queen, Balsa, has taken refuge with her cousin Juniper after the destruction of her own home by the legendary beemen. When other yellowjacket cities disappear, Balsa must choose between her oath of secrecy and her duty to Juniper’s children. But the beemen have other plans, and Balsa’s choice is not among them.

themonsterofmogahneebay-100The Monster of Mogahnee Bay available in Nook, Kindle, and PDF formats for only $1.99.

The people of Mogahnee Island thought they were being rescued, but the ship had other plans.

When a haunted brigantine hunts fresh victims in the isolated island of Magahnee, Harbormaster Glenda must find a way to fight the monster and protect the people it’s bespelled.

Famine-Feast of the Torn-ThumbnailFeast of the Torn, a dark fantasy / horror story, is a free read on BuzzyMagazine’s website. The Aramaean siege has pushed Samaria into state of famine. Now the citizens must decide between starvation and the breaking of the ultimate taboo, but young Ekubeth stands in their way. Can she save her people from a terrible curse before it’s too late?

Shadowrun - Sacrificial LimbSacrificial Limb (A Shadowrun RPG Adventure) is available in print ($14.99) or PDF ($8.00) formats from DriveThruRPG and Battlecorps (read the review). With options for a single-session game or a full out campaign. Join the run against Ares and find out what CEO Damien Knight has been scheming.

Other stories available in Jack Gorman Got Cut by a Girl, The Ladies of Trade Town, A Career Guide to Your Job in Hell, Blue Kingdoms: Mages and Magic, Blue Kingdoms: Shades & Specters, and Pirates of the Blue Kingdoms. Multiple Shadowrun supplements with my work are also available. See the below author pages for details. Also, the Penumbra eMag issues I edited are available, as well as some non-fiction work.

Brandie Tarvin’s Author Pages:
Shadowrun on DriveThruRPG.
Musa Publishing
Barnes and Noble

So, what do you think of my work?

Brandie's Stories

The Monster of Mogahnee Bay (reprint ebook, Coming Soon, Musa Publishing)

The Drunkard's Progress (Coming Soon, Musa Publishing)

Slipping Thru the Cracks, Latchkeys #7 (Sept 2012 Crazy 8 Press)

Legend of the Beemen (June 2012 Musa Publishing)

Feast of the Torn (upcoming Buzzy Magazine)

The Hunt for Liberty Jones (Space Tramps, Flying Pen Press)

The Tales We'll Tell Tomorrow (Shadowrun: Street Legends, Catalyst Game Labs)

Silk and Steam (The Ladies of Trade Town, HarpHaven Press)

Love Me Knot (A Lady Katya Story, Storyportals.com)

Another Day, Another Labor (A Career Guide to Your Job in Hell)

Locke-Down (Blue Kingdoms: Mages & Magic)

The Rose Garden (Shadowrun: Corporate Guide-Mitsuhama Fiction, Catalyst Game Labs)

The Monster of Mogahnee Bay (Blue Kingdoms: Shades & Specters)

Just My Luck (Pirates of the Blue Kingdoms)

Two for the Price of One (Transformers: Legends, iBooks Inc.)

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