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February 1st, 2013

Originally published at Ramblings from the Flip Side (Site under construction). You can comment here or there.

WHOO! My very first special call is officially open, and I am excited. For those who may have missed it, I am looking for a few good novels and novellas in a special call to celebrate the veterans in our lives.

What Honor Requires

Some soldiers serve because they feel a call to duty. Others serve out of obligation. Whether they enlist or are drafted, fight in wars or patrol the homefront, these military men and women have one thing in common: their honor. Even when they don’t seek conflict, honor requires them to protect their loved ones or fulfill their mission.

In a special call for Veteran’s Day of 2013, Musa is seeking stories of military valor for our Urania Imprint. From the lowest grunt to the highest general, we want know what sacrifices it takes to serve a space navy or a warlord wizard. How did they get where they are now? What did they give up to be here? Tell us the story of the grizzled veteran finding his place in the world after the wars are ended, or the rookie grunt defending her country in a foreign conflict she doesn’t understand. How does a lone supply sergeant keep up with the requirements of a steampunk army?

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Heat Levels: 0-2 (click link for definitions)
Length: 20k+

Submissions call opens February 1, 2013.
Submissions call closes May 27, 2013.
Expected Publication dates November 2013.

Special requirements: All stories must feature science fiction or fantasy elements (or any subgenre of these two) to qualify for the Urania imprint. All accepted authors must be available for manuscript edits during June/July 2013.

To submit: Send a cover letter including word count and synopsis in the body of an email to urania@musapublishing.com and attach your complete submission as either a .doc or .rtf with the following formatting: Times New Roman 12 point, double spaced, left-aligned, non-justified, no bolding.

Any submissions that do not follow these guidelines will be rejected. Make sure to include WHAT HONOR REQUIRES in the title of your email. We are not accepting anthologies or shorter stories for this call.

Brandie's Stories

The Monster of Mogahnee Bay (reprint ebook, Coming Soon, Musa Publishing)

The Drunkard's Progress (Coming Soon, Musa Publishing)

Slipping Thru the Cracks, Latchkeys #7 (Sept 2012 Crazy 8 Press)

Legend of the Beemen (June 2012 Musa Publishing)

Feast of the Torn (upcoming Buzzy Magazine)

The Hunt for Liberty Jones (Space Tramps, Flying Pen Press)

The Tales We'll Tell Tomorrow (Shadowrun: Street Legends, Catalyst Game Labs)

Silk and Steam (The Ladies of Trade Town, HarpHaven Press)

Love Me Knot (A Lady Katya Story, Storyportals.com)

Another Day, Another Labor (A Career Guide to Your Job in Hell)

Locke-Down (Blue Kingdoms: Mages & Magic)

The Rose Garden (Shadowrun: Corporate Guide-Mitsuhama Fiction, Catalyst Game Labs)

The Monster of Mogahnee Bay (Blue Kingdoms: Shades & Specters)

Just My Luck (Pirates of the Blue Kingdoms)

Two for the Price of One (Transformers: Legends, iBooks Inc.)

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