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Viable Paradise XIII

Every gathering has its moments, little things that stick out in collective memory that adds a good or bad flavor to the memory. In the case of Viable Paradise, I found myself making notes of every moment that did. Anyone who has ever attended VP before will, I'm sure, understand where such things come from. And for those who don't, I hope you get a laugh anyway.

This is also an attempt to pimp VP again. You can't pass up a workshop that gifts you with so many of these moments. I'll only post a few today, but I've got plenty more where these come from and will post them from time to time.

"He who lives by the squid, dies by the squid!" - (unknown)

"Cry havoc and let slip the squids of war!" - (unknown)

"Are you Dick Cheny's love slave?" - Teresa

"I need more homo-erotic fish sex." - Ferret

"Whatever is missing, it was on page 23." - Robin

Enjoy your weekend, everyone. I wander off in search of proofreading, editing, critiquing and writing time. Now, if only I could find my TARDIS key. Maybe I left it at the Vineyard.
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