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The new laptop (#technology)

The new laptop hath arrived. It has all sorts of weird Lenovo ware on it. So I created myself a restore disk, then clicked the Update Drivers thing, which promptly reflashed my BIOS. Then I ran Windows update and got 124 updates to download and installed. It just finished. Now I get to go through and set up all my power settings, etc. Not to mention update this puppy to Windows 10.

I might as well do that update before installing all my programs and such. I'm debating on a terabyte sized solid state drive for this puppy. Then I could duel boot between Windows 10 pro and Windows 7 business, set up my windows VMs and SQL Server for testing clusters and such. I've been wanting something powerful enough for HyperV or VMWare.

Anyone have suggestions for SSDs or virtual machine software?

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Sep. 23rd, 2015 03:38 am (UTC)
Duel booting? COOL! I've always wanted to see OS-X and Windows in a deathmatch, though I don't think Windows would stand much of a chance. The secure BSD vs Plan 9 from Bell Labs would also be pretty awesome, though I don't know if anyone uses Plan 9 except as an experimental thing.

I would personally go with VMWare on a PC, and if you end up with a client with a HyperV VM that you need, then install that. But VMWare is a much more mature product and I expect used a lot more in large installations. Personally I use Parallels on my Mac to run Win 7, but I'm going to reevaluate VMWare as I'm being forced to upgrade my copy of Parallels with the new upcoming OS-X release.
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