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I am looking for an artist to do cover art for a few of my stories. The most complicated one is my Steamwork story, Silk and Steam. I want a Victorian-version of a steampunk World War I battlefield with a clank or tank and a soldier or three. But the local artist(s) I know aren't too good with steampunk art.

So I'm putting the call out. If anyone is interested in doing some cover artwork, please let me know. Send me a private message on Live Journal or reply to me on Twitter (If I don't follow you, I will once you tweet me and we can exchange contact information).

Please come prepared with a resume (what work have you done before) and a portfolio (an online website is fine too) including people, objects, and backgrounds. Previous book cover art, if you've done some, is good too. I would definitely like to see some steampunk people and items, but don't forget about other fantasy and science fiction type work since this commission may lead to future projects if I really like your stuff.

One note: I don't mind digital artwork so long as the people look realistic and not plastic / video-gamish.

Two note: If you've never done a commission, but you have a portfolio that you think kicks butt and fulfills my requirements, please contact me anyway. I am willing to give new artists a chance too.


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