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Do Not Disturb (#writing #sfwapro #officehacks)

The SO, adorable thing that he is, has a habit of knocking on my office door to share cute cat moments, interesting news, and to see how I'm doing in general. The problem is, half the time he's interupting research or writing time. Much as I love him, he was one reasons I would leave the house to write (back when Borders existed and, after it closed, when it was easy getting a table at the local Starbucks). It's hard to concentrate on my work when someone always dropping by to chat.

Finally, last weekend, I told the SO I needed one of those sliding business signs that I could customize to say "Do Not Disturb" and "Free to Chat." When he realized why I wanted the sign, he dutifully took me around to all the office supply stores looking for such a critter. Unfortunately, we couldn't find it. Being the clever over-engineering-type that he is, he offered me an alternative: a couple of leds outside the door that I can flip to show my status.




He finished it this weekend. The lights only stay on if I have the office light on. The pics are a little blurry, but you get the idea. So happy. Will be even more happy if it actually works.


What office hacks have you done?
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